Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Med list.. YUCK..

I’m looking for an natural path doctor right now. This many pills are so bad to be taking.

• Methyldopa 1000mg twice a day
• Trazodone 150mg
• Metformin 500mh - once a day
• Prilosec 20mg one at night
• Verapamil 100 mg morning
• Lorazepam 0.5 mg when needed
• Sertraline 100mg - morning
• Cpap at night
• Fluticasone Propionate Nasal Spray 50 mcg – 2 sprays daily for 3 months
• Promethazine 25 mg for nausea
• Naproxen 250 mg when needed Actos 30 mg - morning
• Vitamin E, 200 I.U
• Vitamin C 500 mg with Rose Hips
• Asian Ginseng (Panax) Concentrate, 100 mg
• B-50 Vitamins
• Fiber
• Two Calciums, 500 mg
• Multivitamin/Multimineral


I had (before surgery) my FIMBRIEA (the finger looking things between your fol-tube and ovaries) had big hanging cysts (one over in inch and a couple more half the size) so my fimbrieas were not moving (like it does during ovulatin) to go around my ovaries so my eggs were not reelecting into my flo-tube. That’s what was causing infertility. During surgery he pop and drained them (fixed the problem) and then checked out all my lady parts with a tiny camera and said everything else looks fabulous and beautiful! And... That he doesn’t really see any signs on PCOS. So…. Here’s the GREAT news, Matthew and I should conceive a baby SOON!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


(my hair after surgery haha)

So last night (dec 8, 2010) I got surgery (laprosc.) to look for Endo, come to find out I don't have any Endo growths but he did find multiple cysts In my ovaries to PCOS. He poped and drained them and sewed me back up. I have two cuts the size of quarters. And the most horrible pain I have ever felt in ny life... Good news is that he told me I have beautiful lady parts and I had ovulated recently but of course I have to let the egg die due to not being able to have intercourse for a couple of weeks. But hopefully soon we will be able to a little one :]