Sunday, May 15, 2011

More Apt updates

I have not posted in a while and have had multiple doctor appointments
I’m about to the point where I want to quit seeing doctors, stop all my meds and give up on my health and trying for a baby. I feel like I am not getting anywhere and getting worse.

My primary care doctor seems to only be making my health worse with more and more meds every times I see her so I had an apt at a different clinic called mosaic medical it’s a low income clinic but the only place that I have found that would take my insurance. That doctor did same basic blood work (as my last post talks about) she is gathering up my medical records and going from there…

Dr Lin, (prim care dr) also called me in for an appointment for a med check for the Lorazepam, She did refill for the last time she said, send me in for blood work to check for allergies to gluten also sent me to a Counselor. Said that she does not want to do anything else with me until I see a Counselor. I
have no idea what that’s has to do with my health and stomach issues?

If you know me well enough you would see what I DON’T like to talk about how I “feel” about my personal life, I don’t cry and sob over things, I do avoid any conversations about anything that is upsetting to me. I have always hid my feelings and emotions from everyone, besides my husband of course. Maybe it’s a good thing to see a counselor and learn how to control my anxiety, anger, and emotions with talking it out instead of panic attracts. Maybe I will open up; it’s just hard for me to do. Hmm?