Sunday, March 28, 2010


I started on a CPAP about a couple of weeks ago for my sleep apnea, and oh boy it makes all the difference in the world, I have a lot energy during the day it’s really nice. I’m at level 6 which is not very much air presser but it sure helps.

I’m using the S9 Series machine with a full face mask because I breathe out on my mouth... it’s not the comfortablest threw out the night but I’ll get used to it pretty soon.. It almost feels like scuba diving gear, haha


I think I’m ovulating right now by the way my cervical mucus is so, PRAY that Matt’s little spermies get to my eggies! Lol

Sunday, March 7, 2010

March period

My monthley friend finally came a week late. 3 weeks of cyst pain and a week of cramps, back pain, migraines, being tired, tender nipples and all the craving of salty foods. I cant wait for this to be over..

Infertility and where I'm at as of right now

As some of family and friends know that Matthew (my husband) and I have been trying to conceive since I was 16, I’m 20 now and no such luck. The Metformin (1500 mg) that I’m on has helped me start my period on my own for about 5 months now, with my blood presser and other health problems under control we are ready for a baby, so far I have lost 20 lbs and hoping that my PCOS won’t hold me back in becoming a mommy any longer.

health problems & Meds that im on right now

Heart murmur
High blood presser
Bad nausea issues
Chronic sinusitis
Anxiety and depression
Acid reflex
Sleep apnea


Epidrin - when needed for a migraine
Methyldopa 1000mg - twice a day
Hydrochlorot 25mg - morning
Trazodone 100mg & 3-4 Benadryl to sleep
Metformin 500mh - 3 a day
Prenatal multivitamin - morning
Prilosec 20mg - 1 a night
Sertraline 100mg - morning
Pro air & symbicrt 160/4.5 – when needed
Fish oil - morning

I'm allergic to dairy and also the codeine in medication

Sleep Doctor..

Patty sent me to the sleep center and I did a overnight sleep test and I have really bad sleep apnea, they sleep dr said that I need to get my tonsils out because they are huge then I was sent to a ENT, he said that it is a big risk to get them out and he doesn’t think that it’s a good idea.. Went back to the sleep dr and he said that we should get a 2nd opinion about getting them out so a while later I finely got in to see another ENT he said he will do it on March 15, 2010...

Well on a Sunday he called me up and saying that he has lost a lot of sleep over taking my tonsils out and that it is too big of a risk of me bleeding to death and also my blood presser will rise way to much so there for I have another apt with my sleeping doctor on tus.

In the mean time I was sick for 6 months since the day after my honeymoon I seen my doctor about 3 times and said it allergies or this or that... So I saw Dr. Tarbet after some testing I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis but antibiotics and a nose spray took care of it!

After being told that I do not have the kidney disease the same doctor wanted to do surgery to be 100% sure that I don’t. October 08 I did the surgery they put a catheter from my groin up to my kidneys and took some photos and the results were that for sure I do not have it... so then I went through more rounds of testing and found out that I do have PCOS.

Then that doctor became an ass and didn’t want to deal with my health so I started seeing another doctor... she started my on a lot of meds

Prenatal multi-vitamin/ multi-mineral
Methydopa 500mg – one and a half twice a day
Trazodone 50 mg
Hydrochlorot 25mg
Sertraline 100mg
Medroxyprprogesterone 10mg – when needed
Proair – when needed
Isometheptene 2 when needed for migraine
Sumatriptan succinate 100mg when needed for a migraine
Aller-chlor 4 mg
Lactose and tolerant pills when needed
Metformin 750 mg- when a day (help with my PCOS)
Prilosec 1-2 a day for acid

June 21, 2008, I dont have the diseases

So guess what everyone…

I went I did my MRI, went in the stupid tube, arms tied down, a camera on my belly, an iv, and cords and tubes every where. And some big ass head phones on. I felt so trapped. Like I was in a coffin… they took some pics on my kidneys, I was in there for about 15 min. she started pumping that dye in my ram.. I donno I started freaking out, shaking like crazy, grinding my teeth, sweating like no other, felt like I was going in to a seizer. I pushed something and it set off an alarm. The doctor came running in and got me out. Ripped off my iv. and I was out of there….

2 days later… my kidney doctor called me and said that my kidneys are fine, witch I don't know what to think about that. Kind of upset. I just got used to that fact that I was going to get surgery. And I was okay with it. But nope… I have though I had this diseases for about 5 months now. I don't understand…

So now I have to run A LOT more test to see why my blood presser is as high as it is... I'm kind of scared they might find something bad.

So for I have had my heart checked about 3 times, my kidney ultra sounded twice, and also my tummy, bladder, overies, liver I think? An MRN and MRA. Gavin so many blood and pee samples. X rays and everything….

I don't know why its taking SO long to find out what's wrong with me. This has been going on since for about 4 years now. As I can remember. So stressful. I don't know what to think anymore….

February 29, 2008, rear diseases

My rear diseases

I have a diseases that I was born with and just found out. I stated going to the doctor in 05 about my blood presser being high. Before they weren't really going anything about it so I gave up on going for a little bit. I got into a car accident this last January, went to the ER and I had about 5 doctors yell and freak out on me about my blood presser being so high and not doing anything about it. So a couple of days later I went in, I talked to my doctor and he sent me to go a ultrasound on my heart because I have a really bad heart murmur and he was wondering if that was the problem to my BP (blood presser). My heart is bad but that's not the cause of my BP. Then sent me to go get my kidneys ultra sounded and gat some sound waves done. Then Blood tests and p tests done. I want back to find out the results and they found out I have a diseases.

I went to a kidney DR. (he shouldn't of seen me but he wanted really wanted to meet me because of my disease) we talked, he asked me LOTS of Q's and told me what I have its REALLY rare disease on both of my kidneys called renal artery stenosis, renovascular disease, renovascular hypertension or, ischemic nephropathy. They are both punched, not getting enough blood in my renal arteries. Only 5% of people with high BP have it in the world. And no one my age has it and has as high BP as me. He gave me High blood presser pills, and acid reflex pills.
Symptoms I have… Irregular heartbeat, Nosebleed, Tiredness, Vision changes, Headache, Confusion, Crushing, angina-like chest pain, Trouble breathing, cysts, high blood pressure and more….

The next step is to get a MRI. Its like a catscan but they look more into my kidneys. Im going to get pills to help me calm down and relax when I'm in it for about an hr. I have to get Ivs and meds pumped into me when I'm there.
The step after that, I have to get surgery done. Angioplasty, What they do is go into both kidney artery's and feed a catheter threw, a catheter is like a balloon, it expands and opens up my pinched arteries and also dye.
After that I should be getting off all my pills that I an on, my blood presser should go down. And I shouldn't have as many health problems. I AM SO TIRED OF IT ALL!!!!

I cant wait Intel its all over.

November 18, 2006, I posted this on my myspace when I was 16.

hares an update about what’s going on with me and the whole going to the dr all the time. I went in to the ER a year ago cuz of an eye infection. They said I have really high blood presser and that I need to go see a specials so that what I did . They checked my heart and said I have a heart murmur but other than that I’m fine. A year later. A couple of weeks ago I went into er again cuz the side of my face was all swollen and it hurt really bad and they said I has a stone in my glands or something like that . They said it will pass and gave me meds. Then they also checked my blood presser and they told me I need to go see someone as soon as I can. So a couple days later I went in and they told me I need to get lab work done and then come back and talk to them. I got the lab work done. I had to p in a cup and they took some blood. I went back into the dr . And they told me I need a get my kidneys checked. I have a sleeping problem and they said that can coz high blood presser. She told me a need to quit smoking and drinking, tonight my lower tummy started to hurt really really really bad. So I went in to the er at like 8:00 pm. They hooked me up to ivs and took some blood and my blood presser and all that kinda stuff. They said my heart murmur has gotten worst. The dr. said that she needs to do something I forgot what it was called .. she checked my lady area . omg I thought that was the worst thing that could happen tonight . But then she told me that I need to go and get a catscam . I don’t even know what that was . the dr. pushed my bed thing in that room and some other dr. gave me something threw my iv and she told me to lay on my side . and she put this thing up my behind and then this little balloon thingy and pumped a big bag of water or something in side of me and then I had to go in this big thingy to get x-rays . omg it hurt so bad . after that she draind it after that I went back into my room . And they took my blood presser and everything again. and they said I have a cyst on my ovary . And it’s big. So a little bit later I went in and got an ultrasound my kidneys and also my cyst thingy and I had to get this long cold thing up in me. One of the dr. said if the cyst got raped around something I have to get surgery tonight. Thank god it wasn’t. And I’m fine. I can’t do anything for a while like hang out with people they said . I’m in so much pain I don’t know why they didn’t give my some good pain killers. I have to go to “lady” dr soon . I have to go back to my high blood presser dr. Monday. And tell the I already got my kidneys checked and they were fine. so now I need to find out the next step to my blood presser . I think it’s my sleeping problem though. I hope so I’m done with the dr .

blog mostly for myself

I just wanted to start a blog mostly for myself to keep track of my health and infertility.