Monday, August 15, 2011


SOOO I orderd Clomid online at a website, I think in Canada it took a while to be shipped here but i finally got it! the reason being I orderd online is.. that if i make a OBGYN apt for infertility the price would be around $500 JUST for him to put me on Clomid. I know how Clomid works, how to use it, and the side effects..

I can not wait to start taking it next month! I know there is only a 40% chance of conception, but who know.. i may be in the 40% range! :) I will update on how it goes for me! Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 22, 2011

no period, hormonal pill to start

I called DR WEEKS (OB/GYN) to let him know what in a couple months late in starting my period so he went out blood work to get the defendant negative pregnancy test. And then send in to medroxy (a hormonal drug) to kick start my period. For these 7 days on that pill I’m going to be a BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP, so watch out!


I’m feeling really down and upset about the way everything is going. I feel like years of trying to make my health better, is going nowhere, years of trying for a baby, and my fertility is going nowhere.. I don’t feel that I have the support that I would like from family and friends. If I’m to tired and stick to work “I’m lazy”, when I’m down, “I’m just bitch and emotional” I do not have the support that I need to lose weight, to feel batter. When I tried talking to family about this I was told that the last couple of days iv been moody. I feel really lost right now..

ENT doctor apt. he said he is not to sure about doing the tonsillectomy surgery. He wants me to decide on what to do and he wants to see if I have a bleeding disorder before anything. More and more tests to be done, I feel like a RAT in a testing lab.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lost 6lbs

I have lost 6lbs in 4 days between the enemas, special K and the gym work outs! Im so happy and I feel so much better doing the enemas!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Special K Challenge & Shake Recepie

Today I start my special K challenge! Very simple to do. no point counting, no measuring foods, etc..

Special K shake that I made.
1 special K protein shake
A full banana
About 7 black berries
Some Ice and BLEND UP!

note: (use any berries or any fruit)

This is so yummy and you will stay full for a while!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Detoxing Enema

A friend of mine does Enemas and explained to me what it is, how to do it and the benefits for it. Because of all my medication and stomach problems I decided to try a coffee Enema. Doing my research I thought it would be painful, uncomfortable, annoying, nasty, etc..

I cannot believe how good I felt afterwards also got my caffeine!

There are so many types of enemas Examples of Cleansing Enemas:
 Lemon Juice - Just what you need to clean the colon of fecal matter, balance its pH and detoxify the system
 Apple cider vinegar in water - helps with viral conditions and to clear mucous from the body. Great if you suffer from nasal congestion or asthma.
 Catnip Tea - Relieves constipation and congestion and will bring down a high fever
 Burdock Root - Helps to eliminate calcium deposits and purify blood
Examples of Retention Enemas:
 Coffee - A coffee solution (we mean a good organic breakfast blend, not decaf or instant) stimulates both the liver and the gallbladder to release toxins. (15 minutes only)
 Minerals - this is one you will want to retain permanently. It helps rebuild the energy of the adrenals and the thryoid
 Probiotic - Perfect for candidiasis and other yeast infections
 Red Raspberry Leaf- High in iron, great for the eyes and particularly helpful for women

So here is a video that I found that explains it! These ladies are kind annoying lol


Enema bad is at any store. I got mine at Fredmyers for less then $10. Make sure when you get one. it has the hose and attachments

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Blood presser, amazing change for me!

My blood presser went from a normal of 173/115 down to 118/72 with in a couple of weeks after a med change with my new doctor who I LOVE! I have had the worst blood presser since I was 11! I am a happy lady right now!