Monday, March 21, 2011

APPT with DR. Weeks. My OB.

I had a fallow up with my OB today. Said my ovaries and all my Lady pluming parts look gorgeous “YAY!” (Looked at everything with a camera during my laparoscopic surgery 4 months ago)

Told me that my body may be attaching the semen and fighting it as an infection (intruders) I guess he was saying...

Dr. Weeks also told me to wait 2 months and if I’m NOT pregnant by then that he will start me of fertility drugs

Also that all my PAIN is just the way my body is built, I can just feel everything that goes on (ovulation, egg releasing, period) nothing to do about it besides deal with it. He said my pregnancy is going to be horrible and miserable but all worth it at the end! I can’t wait for sore boobs, nausea vomiting, and all the steps through pregnancy!

Friday, March 11, 2011

After surgery update

I ended up in the ER a month after surgery due to an infection in my belly button. The stitches did not dissolve like they should have and the cut got all goozy nasty gross. She had to cut and pull out the stitches (which was very painful) cleaned it up and put me on antibiotics, FINALLY HEALED up! Now all that’s left is 2 purple scare, oh well! I’ll live

BUMP in our Marriage

Matthew and I had a big bump in our marriage for some wrong decisions that he had made behind my back, all came to worst and we both went our septet ways 2 months later we have been talking and trying to figure out and do our best on the marriage. I guess we will see how it goes from here.. everything is just so upsetting for me to deal with..