Thursday, July 22, 2010

Matthew (Hubby) has Pneumonia!

Matthew and I went to the Emergency Room the other night because Matt was none stop coughing and we found out that he has Pneumonia. they did an xray, have him pain meds and antibiotics then sent him home 6hrs later. that night he started coughing up blood. 2 days after he was getting worse so i took him in to the ER again, they did 2 breathing treatment and gave him more meds... (cost me $150 for meds!) he has been sleeping all day but seems to be doing better =)

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  1. Do you guys have the prescription drug card for oregon? Anyone can get it and it really helps alot.

    It is EXTREMELY helpful. One of the meds i was taking was like 40 bucks for a month supply and with that card it was only like 6 bucks.