Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Night at the ER

i have been having the worst endo pain thats un-bearable! its to the point when i cant walk well, its interfering with my life, job, marriage.

i went in to the er fri oct 1st at 9:00 pm. due to the pain, they hooked me up to an iv with pain and nausea meds, he checked my lady area for any infections, took a pregnancy test, took a urine sample, took blood sample, more pain meds, did a cat scan and did not find anything but a normal cyst and also a huge cyst that had evaporated but nothing to cause me that much pain. im 99.99 % sure its endo growths but on a cts, ultrasounds, mris etc. endo does not show up. that doctor even with nothing to do about the pain beside pain meds he was a really great guy! i realy liked him, he made me feel so comfortable! he did one more pump of pain and nausea meds and sent me home with percocet 5-325 mg and told me to do a fallow up with my obgyn (dr. weeks)

on monday i called doctor weeks and the nurse get me in right away. i told him about the pain and my night in the er and he gave me 3 options. 1 get on birth control to help with the pain and regulat my period, whitch is not an option for me knowing we are trying to get pregnant. 2 get a hormone shot (deppo i think) wich will take away my period and is a birth control or 3 do surgery and check- take out all the endo growths which there are rists with surgery. and of course i choosed to do surgery. so he is going to set it all up and get me in as soon as he can in the next week - 6 weeks, he is going to call me tomorrow and let me know when.

as odd as it sounds i cant wait to get surgery, i want this pain to go away plus i have read about alot of women who had this surgery and became pregnant soon after. so im really looking forward to it! :)

we also talked about putting my on clomid, a fertility drug that will make me ovulat.

we are also doing a sperm test on matt tomorrow so please pray that, that goes well and he has happy, healthy sperm for me to make our beautiful baby!

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