Friday, July 22, 2011


I’m feeling really down and upset about the way everything is going. I feel like years of trying to make my health better, is going nowhere, years of trying for a baby, and my fertility is going nowhere.. I don’t feel that I have the support that I would like from family and friends. If I’m to tired and stick to work “I’m lazy”, when I’m down, “I’m just bitch and emotional” I do not have the support that I need to lose weight, to feel batter. When I tried talking to family about this I was told that the last couple of days iv been moody. I feel really lost right now..

ENT doctor apt. he said he is not to sure about doing the tonsillectomy surgery. He wants me to decide on what to do and he wants to see if I have a bleeding disorder before anything. More and more tests to be done, I feel like a RAT in a testing lab.

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