Sunday, June 26, 2011

Apt with my new dr.

I have a apt a couple weeks ago not with my new dr. he seemed to really card and looked over all my meds and health problems and took what I had to say in consideration. Started me on a water pill to help with my swelling and hope it helps with my blood presser. He is going to make changes in my meds. Take away the meds that I don’t need and change around the once I do that are okay for pregnancy. He also tested for a lot of stuff and all of those came back as normal. I see him again on the 1st and also my hormonal doctor this week.

PS my dr is a young good looking guy. I feel much more comfortable with him then my last dr.

My period is still M.I.A. so I will be calling my OBGYN tomorrow to see what to do I guess?


  1. I am so glad you found a doctor who seems to actually listen and care. Hopefully he can change it so your not on like 20 different medications - no person your age should be on that many - its more than an aids patient. I hope it works out and he can help you!!!

  2. Thanks honey! I agree, its not fun to be this sick, with this many meds.