Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hormonal DR & Thompson (new DR)

Hormonal DR APPT.
We went over my Labs and went over my weigh, I have gained about 40lbs in 6 months. My guess is from the medications. I go to the gym regularly and eat alright. Its very frustrating! Ughh…
He took me off ACTOS and wants me to stay on metformin which I think is a good idea also.

Family Dr APPT.
My new DR I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE him. My blood presser is GOOD today. “Thank God!” the water pill that I started 2 weeks ago helps with PCOS and high blood presser together. Glad it’s working!
He cut my dose of Methyldopa (blood presser med) in half, see how my blood presser and weight does.
Then put me on cymbalta for my fibromyalgia, see how that goes. Cymbalta is not safe for pregnancy so as soon as it get pregnant if and when I do I need to stop this drug. But for now I hope it helps me out. I’m tired of being in so much pain and exhausted!

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