Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sleep Doctor..

Patty sent me to the sleep center and I did a overnight sleep test and I have really bad sleep apnea, they sleep dr said that I need to get my tonsils out because they are huge then I was sent to a ENT, he said that it is a big risk to get them out and he doesn’t think that it’s a good idea.. Went back to the sleep dr and he said that we should get a 2nd opinion about getting them out so a while later I finely got in to see another ENT he said he will do it on March 15, 2010...

Well on a Sunday he called me up and saying that he has lost a lot of sleep over taking my tonsils out and that it is too big of a risk of me bleeding to death and also my blood presser will rise way to much so there for I have another apt with my sleeping doctor on tus.

In the mean time I was sick for 6 months since the day after my honeymoon I seen my doctor about 3 times and said it allergies or this or that... So I saw Dr. Tarbet after some testing I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis but antibiotics and a nose spray took care of it!

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