Sunday, March 7, 2010

June 21, 2008, I dont have the diseases

So guess what everyone…

I went I did my MRI, went in the stupid tube, arms tied down, a camera on my belly, an iv, and cords and tubes every where. And some big ass head phones on. I felt so trapped. Like I was in a coffin… they took some pics on my kidneys, I was in there for about 15 min. she started pumping that dye in my ram.. I donno I started freaking out, shaking like crazy, grinding my teeth, sweating like no other, felt like I was going in to a seizer. I pushed something and it set off an alarm. The doctor came running in and got me out. Ripped off my iv. and I was out of there….

2 days later… my kidney doctor called me and said that my kidneys are fine, witch I don't know what to think about that. Kind of upset. I just got used to that fact that I was going to get surgery. And I was okay with it. But nope… I have though I had this diseases for about 5 months now. I don't understand…

So now I have to run A LOT more test to see why my blood presser is as high as it is... I'm kind of scared they might find something bad.

So for I have had my heart checked about 3 times, my kidney ultra sounded twice, and also my tummy, bladder, overies, liver I think? An MRN and MRA. Gavin so many blood and pee samples. X rays and everything….

I don't know why its taking SO long to find out what's wrong with me. This has been going on since for about 4 years now. As I can remember. So stressful. I don't know what to think anymore….

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