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February 29, 2008, rear diseases

My rear diseases

I have a diseases that I was born with and just found out. I stated going to the doctor in 05 about my blood presser being high. Before they weren't really going anything about it so I gave up on going for a little bit. I got into a car accident this last January, went to the ER and I had about 5 doctors yell and freak out on me about my blood presser being so high and not doing anything about it. So a couple of days later I went in, I talked to my doctor and he sent me to go a ultrasound on my heart because I have a really bad heart murmur and he was wondering if that was the problem to my BP (blood presser). My heart is bad but that's not the cause of my BP. Then sent me to go get my kidneys ultra sounded and gat some sound waves done. Then Blood tests and p tests done. I want back to find out the results and they found out I have a diseases.

I went to a kidney DR. (he shouldn't of seen me but he wanted really wanted to meet me because of my disease) we talked, he asked me LOTS of Q's and told me what I have its REALLY rare disease on both of my kidneys called renal artery stenosis, renovascular disease, renovascular hypertension or, ischemic nephropathy. They are both punched, not getting enough blood in my renal arteries. Only 5% of people with high BP have it in the world. And no one my age has it and has as high BP as me. He gave me High blood presser pills, and acid reflex pills.
Symptoms I have… Irregular heartbeat, Nosebleed, Tiredness, Vision changes, Headache, Confusion, Crushing, angina-like chest pain, Trouble breathing, cysts, high blood pressure and more….

The next step is to get a MRI. Its like a catscan but they look more into my kidneys. Im going to get pills to help me calm down and relax when I'm in it for about an hr. I have to get Ivs and meds pumped into me when I'm there.
The step after that, I have to get surgery done. Angioplasty, What they do is go into both kidney artery's and feed a catheter threw, a catheter is like a balloon, it expands and opens up my pinched arteries and also dye.
After that I should be getting off all my pills that I an on, my blood presser should go down. And I shouldn't have as many health problems. I AM SO TIRED OF IT ALL!!!!

I cant wait Intel its all over.

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