Sunday, March 7, 2010

November 18, 2006, I posted this on my myspace when I was 16.

hares an update about what’s going on with me and the whole going to the dr all the time. I went in to the ER a year ago cuz of an eye infection. They said I have really high blood presser and that I need to go see a specials so that what I did . They checked my heart and said I have a heart murmur but other than that I’m fine. A year later. A couple of weeks ago I went into er again cuz the side of my face was all swollen and it hurt really bad and they said I has a stone in my glands or something like that . They said it will pass and gave me meds. Then they also checked my blood presser and they told me I need to go see someone as soon as I can. So a couple days later I went in and they told me I need to get lab work done and then come back and talk to them. I got the lab work done. I had to p in a cup and they took some blood. I went back into the dr . And they told me I need a get my kidneys checked. I have a sleeping problem and they said that can coz high blood presser. She told me a need to quit smoking and drinking, tonight my lower tummy started to hurt really really really bad. So I went in to the er at like 8:00 pm. They hooked me up to ivs and took some blood and my blood presser and all that kinda stuff. They said my heart murmur has gotten worst. The dr. said that she needs to do something I forgot what it was called .. she checked my lady area . omg I thought that was the worst thing that could happen tonight . But then she told me that I need to go and get a catscam . I don’t even know what that was . the dr. pushed my bed thing in that room and some other dr. gave me something threw my iv and she told me to lay on my side . and she put this thing up my behind and then this little balloon thingy and pumped a big bag of water or something in side of me and then I had to go in this big thingy to get x-rays . omg it hurt so bad . after that she draind it after that I went back into my room . And they took my blood presser and everything again. and they said I have a cyst on my ovary . And it’s big. So a little bit later I went in and got an ultrasound my kidneys and also my cyst thingy and I had to get this long cold thing up in me. One of the dr. said if the cyst got raped around something I have to get surgery tonight. Thank god it wasn’t. And I’m fine. I can’t do anything for a while like hang out with people they said . I’m in so much pain I don’t know why they didn’t give my some good pain killers. I have to go to “lady” dr soon . I have to go back to my high blood presser dr. Monday. And tell the I already got my kidneys checked and they were fine. so now I need to find out the next step to my blood presser . I think it’s my sleeping problem though. I hope so I’m done with the dr .

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